The Entrepreneurial Power of Passion – Week 2

Psychologists tell us that when we are interested in a subject, our minds will better understand and comprehend it. And when we have this interest and passion in something or someone, tasks that may seem boring or uninteresting to one group of people may sound extremely appealing to us. It could be said that if work is the vehicle that achieves our dreams, then passion is what makes us decide to drive it. And keep driving it. And coming back and driving it again, and again – until we have achieved what we set out to accomplish.

This is why passion is so important in life, and being passionate about our entrepreneurial pursuit is no different.

Passion and Entrepreneurial Dreams

Setting out to be an entrepreneur is no small feat. In fact, most entrepreneurs will tell you that it is one of the most difficult and strenuous career paths that anyone could choose in life. But even while knowing that entrepreneurship often puts us on a trajectory to failure and disappointment, there are people like you and I who choose to endure this trouble in exchange for living out our dreams. How is this possible? I would wager to say that it is primarily because of passion. Of course, for many of us, the financial incentive is a large reason to start a business – but what if even this reward was entwined in passion as well? I believe that it is.

Satisfaction Through Passion

You see, even the pursuit of financial returns can be traced back to a passion for that which money can buy. It is important to note that what typically comes to mind when we think of spending money is only a small subset of the effects our money can have on our life and the ones around us. Yes, buying fancy cars, boats, and houses could be something we are passionate about which could lead us to in-turn be passionate about starting and growing our business. But the affects of money extend far beyond material comforts for ourselves. Perhaps you are passionate about helping members of your family, the local community, homeless people – even people living in poverty across the world. Or maybe you want to invest in programs that enrich the lives of children or donate to a non-profit organization. By having a passion for our goal of making the world a better place, the reward of money becomes clear while entrepreneurship is the method to achieve these financial returns. As a result, our passion is transferred into our daily entrepreneurial lives as we can now see the big picture and the end goal of our labor – and this will create a satisfaction in our work.

Inspiring Others With Our Passion

Once we are satisfied with our purpose in entrepreneurship and the dream we are chasing, I believe that our passion will begin to shine brighter to those around us. They will better see why it is that we do what we do. And when they can see the passion we have for our business, those around us, and life in general, they will become inspired to make their own dreams a reality. As Steven Shussler says in his book It’s a Jungle in There, “don’t ever be dissuaded from being passionate about your work. Those of you who measure work not in terms of hours but in achievement and pleasure, the ones working sixty to eighty hours a week because you love it, you are marching to the beat of a different drummer in today’s society. You really have what it takes to make a difference in the world in which you live.”


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5 thoughts on “The Entrepreneurial Power of Passion – Week 2

  1. Austin, so beautifully crafted…and I use the word craft because we create with skill, whether it’s our words or what is produced with our physical hands. Pursuing our passion takes the skill of knowing what it takes (the output), how it should be taken (the vehicle), and who it takes (the input). The when is anchored in passion! It’s now, it’s when you had the first dream or the first epiphany! Each step afterwards creates the rest of your life as you pursue that which is in you to drive and drive again and to keep driving. Thank you for not only encouraging but educating and inspiring us to look a little deeper to move a little closer to the entrepreneurial reality that we seek.

  2. Austin! Great blog post! I believe everyone needs to be passionate about something! Where can your passion lead you? I would love to believe the answer, is anywhere for anyone! And, I agree with you about shining our passion brightly. When we do, others have no choice but to see what we love and with hope and faith — they will be inspired and go find what they are passionate about!

  3. Hi Austin,
    It is so true about the trajectory of entrepreneurship and most people’s view of it. We do take these risks, but it the passion within us that drives us to make these choices. For some the every day life is acceptable, but I feel this part of me wanting this so bad that I just can’t fight it. I believe this is what you are talking about with us entrepreneurs and passion. I enjoyed your blog and thank you for sharing it and the inspiration along with it!!

  4. Austin,

    Great post! I feel strongly that I want to create something and share it with the world. I am not sure what it is at this point, but I do know the feeling. The feeling of wanting your work to make others happy. To shine brighter and share that brightness with others. I think that is part of our purpose as humans on this earth, and that is why all of us crave this passion. But it is hard and against our logic to go for the unstable unknown.



  5. Austin, great job with your post. Passion in my opinion is one of the most misunderstood attributes of a successful person. The ability to have such a strong conviction and interest in something is an amazing thing to witness. Once we find a passion, naturally we want to share our findings with anyone we can regardless if there is a shared interest. By doing so, there is a possibility to expand the passion and really surprise ourselves with what we are capable of accomplishing.

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